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Frequently Asked Questions

What's different between the free game and the full version?

The full version comes with 120 levels, a level editor, more music variety, 11 different types of magneto balls, and additional game elements not found in the free game. The free game includes 3 types of balls and 10 full playable levels, in addition to the training levels that teach you how to play.

Is this a good game for kids?

Absolutely! Big Head Zed is a nonviolent puzzle game that's great for anyone who likes a thinking challenge.

Is Big Head Zed difficult?

Parts of it. It's challenging, although some levels are harder than others, and a few are downright easy. The demo includes a variety of what you'll find, including two levels which are on the advanced side. In-game hints can help get you past levels you find too difficult. You can skip over levels you're having trouble with and return to them later as you get better.

What other games can we expect from Gearhand Studios?

Good question! We've got some other games in the works but they're in the very early stages. After we finish promoting Big Head Zed we'll have more time to share our plans with you. If there is enough interest we'll provide add-on packs for Big Head Zed.

If Zed is an alien, how come Zed's relatives are human?

As seen in Just Another Day, Zed has a complicated family tree. After his mother evolved into a higher life form back in '63, his dad remarried a nice human lady named Gladys whose first cousin had a son named Zorp, making Zorp Zed's second cousin by marriage. If it's still confusing we'll put up a chart, but you don't need to know this for the game. :)

My question isn't listed here!

Send us your question and we'll be happy to answer it.

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