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:: Music ::

Enjoy (or not) some of the music being put together by Gearhand's crack team of musicians. Several of these songs are in Big Head Zed. Your feedback is appreciated. These songs were created using Sony's Acid Pro 4.0 (previously sold by Sonic Foundry) using sections of prefab music called "loops." These are MP3s but for the game itself they are decomposed into "MO3" files which are a lot smaller (150-350k).


If this song is any guide, terraformers spend an inordinate amount of time dancing. Jolly folks, they. This 3:28 song is made from a very small number of loops from the UFO Dance collection. MO3 size: 286k.

Waking Up

Good morning, sunshine! It's time to wake up. This piece runs 3:36 long, and contains 9 loops, mostly from the Bill Laslow Collection. The "fadehats" effect comes from Acid Fanatic's Twisted Beats. This song has gone through a number of iterations, the last change being the removal of the bridge, which I felt was too much like the verse. MO3 Size: 250k.


Lotsa guitar on this easy-going 2:43 song. 10 loops, all from the Bill Laslow Collection. MO3 Size: 184k.


I'm not sure what's going on in this song, it's either about robot workers at a factory revolting against their biological oppressors, or it's about banana daquaris, you decide. In either case, it's really long at 4:48. Uses mostly UFO Dance loops with the exception of the verse and bridge beat, which is from the Bill Laslow Collection. MO3 Size: 282K.

Galactic Cabbie

So named because when I started building the tune it sounded like a space car weaving through traffic. After I was through though it sounded more like CannonBall Run 3000. It feels a little empty after the bridge, so in the MO3 version I added another chorus in there. 3:28. Uses UFO Dance loops, except for the four space car sounds which are from a sound effects collection. MO3 Size: 326k.


This is a short minute-long piece intended to loop back to the fourth measure. I was thinking of using this for the main menu. So you can hear the looping, I repeat it once, bringing this MP3 to 2:12. All Acid Fanatic loops, most from "Subconscious Programming," and a couple from his Techno 1 disc. MO3 Size: 182k.

Fix Your Mind On Me

Clocks in at 3:42 and gets its name from the sound byte repeated four times in the song. Entirely created from loops in the Bill Laslow Collection. The strange vocals are from a loop labeled "Pygmy Voices."

Space Knock

3:44. Every loop here is from Acid Fanatic's "Subconscious Programming" disc. I have most of his other discs, but I think this is his best one. MO3 Size: 168k.

Rythma Funk

2:16 I'm not sure what I was thinking when I did this one. It has some elements I like, and some I don't. This isn't a candidate for Big Head Zed, but it was fun to play around without any loop restrictions. The singer sounds adolescent, and that's because the song is pitch-shifted to key of A from the singer's recorded key of F. I composed it in A, then added the singer's voice. When I change it to F the vocals sound right, but the rest sounds odd. Ah well. 16 loops involved, all from the Bill Laslow Collection.

Funky One

One of the earliest songs I did, created entirely from free loops found on Sonic Foundry's site and around the web. 2:00.


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