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<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gearhand Studios</A>: Games crafted using only the most amusing bytes! Developer of Big Head Zed.

Game developers

Addictive 247 Free downloads of arcade, action & puzzle games for your PC.
Ancientsoft Free fun games and demos
Avalanche Team Well-playing games for gamers.
Dexterity Software FREE downloads of award-winning puzzle, strategy, and arcade games. Visit us now to take a break for some quick and easy FUN!
Fiorina Entertainment Developer of Cargo Track 3, an enhanced variant of the classic Japanese puzzle Sokoban.
Fortress Game Studio Free retro style arcade games including BRICKMAN, a hectic platform game.
Fun 3D Games Fun games are our specialty! Visit us now and download a fun game with amazing 3D graphics!
Fusion Apple If our games aren't fun, you have the legal right to sue us.
Hamumu Software Makers of some extremely creative console-style action games for Windows.
Lexaloffle Games Puzzle games with adorable retro graphics. Home of Bamboozle, the adventure themed puzzle game.
Midnight Synergy Play Games: Action, Puzzle, and more.
Mistaril Insight through games! Makers of Space Station Manager. Free downloadable strategy games.
PlowSoft Great free PC game downloads! Creators of Astrosiege.
Positech Games Small, fun downloadable games! Makers of Starlines Inc and Planetary Defence.
Pretty Good Solitaire The world's largest solitaire card game with 550 solitaire games.
Quest Engine Featuring "Once Twice Thrice". Three wizards, fifty stages, one huge adventure!
Rainfall Studios Developer of Katsu's Journey.
Redclaw Games Download games and free game demos including Goobs and Blockout.
Satellite Moon Free game downloads! Developer of Blastorama.
Twilight Games Creators of Aargon Deluxe, A Snake's life, and Twilight Mahjongg. Free downloads, Screenshots, News and more.
WC-Game Studio Play the World's Most Popular Snake Game: Magic Snake Game Now!

Download sites

2DPlay Play the latest and best Free online games at, guarantees to cure any level of boredom
Allen's Winappslist Your best resource for Windows shareware, freeware, and commercial software.
Arcade Nut Here you'll find the best free online games to play, and free downloads.
Download Online Games great online game downloads. All free games to try
Dyno Downloads Download free games at Dyno
Eskimo Games Providing hundreds of web-based, offline and mobile phone games. Users can play, rate and review each game, even submit their own.
Eskimo Games Providing hundreds of web-based, offline and mobile phone games. Users can play, rate and review each game, even submit their own.
EZ-Freebies Offers thousands of freebies for the whole family... new free items are added daily.
Games 51 Visit! Shareware, Freeware, kids and online games.
Gamesworld The Most Popular, Funny Computer Games are Recommended Here!
Kiddle Games Features Java and Flash games including Mah Jongg, Slots, Video Poker, Java Blackjack and Hangomoto.
Lofty Games An extensive repository of freeware games all available for free download right away!
Neman Games Collection of multiplayer online games to win cash prizes, including: board games, cards, chess, and solitaire.
Noodan Free Games Hundreds of free games to download!
Skill Arena A site offering games that fall under such categories as casino, arcade, strategy, and puzzle games.
V o o d o o F i l e s Gigs of only the Best Files!

Other sites

Association of Shareware Professionals The ASP was formed in 1987 to strengthen the future of shareware as an alternative to commercial software.
All Jigsaw Puzzles Over 350+ Popular and Hard to Find Jigsaws in the UK
Arthur Sánchez Website of the author, Arthur Sánchez. Stories and articles online.
ASP Member Sites Links to other sources of quality shareware, from members of the Association of Shareware Professionals.
Desktop Fusion Turn your Windows XP desktop into a dynamic wallpaper viewer and get complete control over its appearance. Features include a desktop slide show, a desktop notepad and weather updates.
Digital Radical They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -- Ben Franklin
Free Card Games Galore Our free card game galore provides you with a list of free card games for people of all ages, which are free to try and completely safe.
Magic The Gathering Cards With 1-2000 each of over 20,000 different magic the gathering cards in stock, building the ultimate MtG deck is fun at
Magic the Gathering Cards Sells Magic the Gathering cards and Magic the Gathering Online - MTGO cards.
MMORPG World of Warcraft Guide Guides, Macro, Exploits, Hacks for Everquest, Everquest 2, Linage 2, Guild War, Star wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and specialized forums for all MMORPG players which can be accessed online on reasonable rates at
ReplayTV vs TiVo Comparison Chart Compares ReplayTV and TiVo digital recorders in a set of handy dandy charts.
The Infocomicon Everything you ever wanted to know about Infocom. Ok, well just a bunch of stuff about Infocom. Ok, some stuff.
Video Games @ THE source for video game media, video game reviews & previews, video game downloads, and event coverage. Check out the latest video games for Sony Playstation 2, Playstation 3, XBox, XBox 360, Nintendo GameCube, PC and handhelds.
Video Games Portal THE resource for video games!


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