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The story behind Big Head Zed

Just another day

Meet Big Head Zed.  He runs a magneto ball cleaning business.  This is a magneto ball.  Magnetos are used to power starships.   They’re suspended above each deck by magneto hooks.  Meet Zed’s second cousin, Zorp, whom Zed hired as a favor to his step-mother.   Zorp is not what you might call smart.  This is an emergency manual-override magneto hook release.  See Zorp pour coffee on it. 


(Sounds of hundreds of magneto crashing to the decks)

A new hope

Six spaceships were in dock when Zorp released the hooks. Fixing the magnetos will be the easy part, but Zed needs to replace the magneto fuses first. The fuse is in the core of each ship, twenty decks down, and there are a lot of magneto balls in the way!

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