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Gearhand Studios is making some fun family games for your Windows PC. Our puzzle games offer plenty of gameplay, are easy to install, and always entertaining -- and you can try them out for free! Our free downloadable games run on practically any PC and download quickly over modem. When you're ready for more, come back here and buy the full-version game. All Gearhand games include a 45-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Give us a try!

Free Downloadable Game: Big Head Zed

No good deed goes unpunished

Magnetos are large spheres used to power spaceships, and Zed makes his living cleaning them. Hiring his cousin Zorp as a favor to his step-mother was certainly a nice thing to do, but now Zed has a big mess! Zorp pulled the wrong lever, and a thousand magneto balls fell to the decks of six spaceships. Zed must traverse over a hundred levels of challenging gameplay to restore power to the ships and save his business. He needs your help! Dozens of unique balls and objects are in the way, working together to create obstacles that only your big human brain can get beyond. ($19.95 to buy; 1.8mb free demo)

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